Tough love: Stone Island spring/summer ’16 collection drops











Who said science was boring?
Not only has it taken us to the Moon, cured horrible diseases and given us microwave curries, but thanks to clever people in labs we can even wear it.
Confused? Don’t be. 
No clothing company is as devoted to scientific research as Stone Island, which combines the use of smart (as in clever) fabrics with brilliant design. Ever since its beginnings as the pet project of menswear godfather Massimo Osti, pushing the boundaries of material use has been at the heart of its philosophy. 
This season’s range is no exception. The satisfying silhouettes of the assorted jackets, jumpers and trousers are as on-point as usual, but this time round they’re made in fabrics as diverse as water-repellent wool, night-glow knit and ‘polyester shantung’, the latter of which results in a higher-than-normal absorption of colour in the dyeing process.

You didn’t know that this morning, did you? 
The only thing that hasn’t changed is the compass patch, which remains the number-one logo in menswear. And that’s a scientifically-proved fact. 

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