Tuk Tuk: new season shirting for the sharper man




We can think of few shirt brands that understand the psyche of the smart/casual male better than Tuk Tuk.

Fusing beautifully patterned cotton – usually sourced in south-east Asia – with strict modernist silhouettes, its shirts look as good tucked under a crew-neck jumper in winter as they do with a pair of shorts in the warmer months. This season's range is no exception. 

From round-collard gingham numbers to vibrant pink models, this is a shirt collection made for men who want people – especially the right people –  to notice they've made an effort, but that standards of smartness have been maintained. A philosophy very much in tune with how many of us dress for work. 

And that's the key here: a Tuk Tuk shirt is as suitable for a 10am marketing meeting in east London as it is at 3.30am in a lower Manhattan speakeasy when things have a got a little bit twisted. All that changes is context. The shirt stays the same. 

You can shop the new Tuk Tuk collection at Steeple Pine:  www.steeplepine.co.uk/t/tuk-tuk

Tuk Tuk: new season shirting for the sharper man Comments

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