Adidas Samba Casual versus Vans Vulcanized

Even though I’ve always liked trainers, I’ve never been an obsessive, especially as discovering someone with a cupboard full of reissued Forest Hills is about as difficult as finding an overweight midlander in the crowd at an England match. But yesterday… well, I actually needed some new pumps – and I mean simple plimsolls, not trainers. But Size?, that temptress of Carnaby Street, drew me in with her Adidas cleavage and kept me there with an array of beautifully simple Vans Vulcanized. I’m no skater, but nothing looks better with a pair of chinos than some fresh-from-the-box Vans pumps. The Adidas Samba Casuals I bought were just an extravagance. And a most satisfactory one at that. 

Adidas Samba Casual versus Vans Vulcanized Comments

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