Alan Paine A/W 12/13 collection drops

We're always fond of British heritage brands who aren't afraid to update their clobber with new techniques and styles. Traditional label Alan Paine do this to a tee. For the next week or so, the brand has a pop-up shop in London's Lamb's Conduit St, which has turned into an Arndale Centre for people who like the sort of expensive clobber Umbrella readers are fond of blowing their wages on. 

Of particular interest is the English Explorer range, which takes it cues from George Mallory, the British mountaineer who attempted to scale Everest on three occasions in the early 20th Century. There's tweed jackets, reefer jackets and even teflon-coated merino wool jumpers. Teflon-coated merino wool! Fancy that! 

The pop up shop is only open until Saturday, but there's plenty more to see at

Alan Paine A/W 12/13 collection drops Comments

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