The gentlemen's clubs of London

We're all for a bit of exclusivity, as long as it's us on the inside looking out rather than the other way around. And you don't get more exclusive than the London's gentlmen's club. These august institutions, more often than not situated around the area of Pall Mall/St James', provide the most ornate surroundings in which powerful chaps (and these days, ladies, too) can relax, drink tea and occasionally make decisions that affect millions of people. 

While obtaining membership of places like the Garrick, the Athenaeum and the RAC may be difficult (though perhaps not quite as impossible as it once was) everyone is free to have a snoop around thanks to the beautifully shot Gentlemen's Clubs of London by Anthony Lejeune. 

In this fine tome you'll find some of the most beautiful rooms in London – yes, even more sumptuous than Umbrella HQ – a veritable cornucopia of marble floors, leather armchairs ornate staircases. All you need now is someone to put you forward for membership. "What was that, dear boy, obsession with underground railways and Italian knitwear? You're just our sort of chap, what?"

The gentlemen's clubs of London Comments

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