Boast x Ebbets baseball caps at the Garbstore

It's been a long time since we felt comfortable wearing a baseball cap. That's not to say that as items they're intrinsically bad, far from it, the baseball cap is one of the great items of 20th Century sportswear, it's just that they never seem, well, appropriate. 

Until now. No doubt about it, we're having to reconsider our position with the appearance of these beautiful baseball caps by Boast x Ebbets, a selection of which are now on sale at The Garbstore in west London

Maybe it's the slightly squared-off shape or the fetching retro graphics lovingly embroidered on the wool mix material – whatever, these are some of the most original bits of headwear we've seen in a long time. With younger lads in both Manchester and Liverpool re-embracing the "basey", Boast provide a more grown-up take on this uniquely American garment. And it's one that'll fit very nicely on the head of many an Umbrella reader, leather strap an all. 

See the whole collection here.


Boast x Ebbets baseball caps at the Garbstore Comments

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