Ohw? shoes – weird name, lovely footwear


Without being all Imelda Marcos about it, we love a good pair of shoes at Umbrella. Whether it’s the Saha II from Pointer, Loake booted brogues or just a pair of New Balance 420s, we’re never happier than when we’re examining new footwear. 

That’s why we’re rather excited about ohw? (pronounced “who”), a new brand who specialise in the sort of halfway-house footwear that gets us – and pretty much every other well dressed man of the moment – in a bit of a lather.

Unlike many other shoe labels, ohw? actually manufacture their own shoes (rather than sending the designs off to a factory in the Far East), which means they can keep an eye on the quality control. They say:

Each pair of ohw? shoes showcases the skills of the factory and the people that make them. The clean, easy design aesthetic lets the quality of the manufacturing, materials and detail shine through. Each shoe has some hand-stitching and is even individually hand-signed by the person doing the final quality check.

We say, with prices between £95 and £125, they’re definitely worth trying on. 


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Ohw? shoes – weird name, lovely footwear Comments

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