Adidas Originals - 40 years of the trefoil

The Adidas trefoil one of the most recognisable logos in the world. First introduced in 1972 for the Munich olympics, the round-necked T-shirt which boasted this abstract three-leaf flower is one of the most iconic pieces of leisurewear there's ever been. Today, you'll find it mainly on items in the Originals range, having sadly been given the boot by the contemporary sports line, and replaced with the inferior 'three-stripes' logo. 

As it's 40 years since the trefoil first appeared, Adidas have reissued some of their greatest ever polo shirts, each one with the trefoil placed proudly on the breast. We're particularly enamoured with the Ivan Lendl argyle-patterened number, ideal for ex-casuals with dreams of summers gone on their mind. 

Expect this line to be available from the adidas Originals online store.





Adidas Originals - 40 years of the trefoil Comments

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