Vulpine: bringing a mod aesthetic to cycle wear

It didn't need Bradley Wiggins' success in the Tour De France and the Olympics to convince us that cycling and the pared-down Umbrella style were happy bedfellows. But while a few riders on our roads sport nicely designed tops and coats, many – and we're looking at you here, men – can be found on the morning commute in horrendous, skin-tight Lycra outfits that accentuate every unflattering bump and lump of the middle aged body. Happily, there is an alternative. 

Vulpine is a cycing wear brand that starts with a mod sensibility and adds all the protective and safety features that cyclists need. From merino wool tops to waterproof jackets, everything is designed with the style-savvy rider in mind. As they say:

"We've put in years of design, research and testing to create stylish technical cycling apparel that you'll actually want to wear for ride and destination. We've made sure that it is all cut for cycling, with a classic British tailored influence. Chosen colours for grown ups. Added innovations that are practical. Visibility features that you can wear with pride."

Like what you see? See both the men's and women's collections here.

Vulpine: bringing a mod aesthetic to cycle wear Comments

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