Esemplare: new winter collection drops

The air may be warm(ish) and the evenings drawing in at a respectably late hour, but there's no getting away from the fact that autumn, and its ugly friend winter, are on their way. While this is something we at Umbrella are never going to be totally OK about, we can mourn the passing of summer by consoling ourselves with a look at the new season's best menswear. It helps – a bit.

Yet again, Italian brand Esemplare has shown itself to be absolutely in tune with what men really want with an artfully rugged collection that takes in elements of classic tailoring and a casual aesthetic as favoured by CP Company, Stone Island and Paul & Shark. The results, as you can see from the pictures, are proof, if ever it were needed, that a country where the cold never bites that hard, can always be relied to come up with killer winter wear. Viva Italia! More at the Esemplare website.

Esemplare: new winter collection drops Comments

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