Train and Tube ‘iPaintings’ by Nadja Ryzhakova

British artist David Hockney caused quite a stir last year with his iPad paintings of the area around his Yorkshire home, highlighted in the A Bigger Picture exhibition at London’s Royal Academy. Bringing a luminescent quality to ‘painting’, Hockney’s efforts helped legitimise the iPad as a medium for art. 

Russian artist Nadja Ryzhakova is one person who should benefit from this – her talent certainly merits it. While Bradford-born Hockney concentrated on the ever-changing rural environment of Yorkshire’s East Riding, Ryzhakova depicts a world Umbrella is far more comfortable with: the Tube and train stations of London. 

The collection was inspired by the excellent Londonist Underground series which is celebrating 150 of the Tube by encouraging artists to depict the subterranean city in the medium of the their choice. A fine idea if ever we heard one.  

Find out more about Nadya here

Train and Tube ‘iPaintings’ by Nadja Ryzhakova Comments

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