J.Crew: a brand you should be getting excited about it

This magazine has long been a supporter of British shops like Oi Polloi, Steeple Pine and Albam, outfitters that have helped spread the look of UK modernist, casual and – er – "heritage" well beyond our shores. But while the country is scattered with brilliant independent stores, we don't seem to do the upper end of high street so well. That's left, it seems, to foreign brands.

Japanese store Uniqlo has made London (though shamefully nowhere else in the country) its own with its brilliant take on casual and mod, while shops like Banana Republic and Brooks Brothers bring pared down preppy to a switched-on domestic audience from their shops on Regent Street. But we reckon the best is yet to come, with J. Crew recently announcing that it will be opening its first British shop in late 2013, again on London's Regent St.

Why is this such a big deal? Because few brands epitomise what Umbrella's take on style better than this brilliant American label. Mixing the best elements of Ivy League, mod and US workwear, its suits, shirts and jumpers are absolutely in tune with what smart British men love. Want further proof? Have a look at this selection from their current collection and make your own mind up. 

Ludlow suit

Plaid poplin shirt

Duncan Macintosh coat

Barn jacket

Sunwashed fleece sweatshirt

Ludlow sports jacket



Blue gingham shirt


See more at J.Crew.com

J.Crew: a brand you should be getting excited about it Comments

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