Uniqlo Indigo Blue Project: taking denim culture mainstream





Uniqlo can do no wrong our eyes. 

Whether we're talking about its unstructured blazers or svelte, button-down Oxford shirts, the Japanese brand produces subtle, preppy-meets-mod classics season after season. This autumn is no different. 

Based around the Japanese obsession with selvedge denim, Uniqlo's Indigo Blue Project is a stunning capsule collection that takes in jeans, sweatshirts, work jackets and T-shirts. It's also absolutely in touch with the design philosophy of this magazine and its readers. The company says:

"The UNIQLO INDIGO BLUE PROJECT is a fusion of the minute detail of denim crafting paired with imperfect aesthetics which play up the casual appeal of denim. Jeans feature signs of distress and destroy for a vintage, lived in look and feel. Shirts feature ombré washes for a striking look which highlights the contrast between light and dark."

Available online and at the 311 Oxford Street store (when will it open a branch outside London?), the collection will, if past experiences are anything to go by, sell out soon. And with costs in the extremely reasonable category, it'd be silly not to start browsing the the range now. What else are you going to spend your money on?

See the collection here: www.uniqlo.com/uk/store/clothing/uq/indigo-blue/men

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