Uniqlo: Umbrella's picks for Spring 13





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Make no mistake about it, as far Umbrella is concerned, Uniqlo is one of the most innovative brands on the British high street (though sadly, its bricks-and-mortar reach still goes no further than the south-east). 

The new season collection is as strong as ever, combining casual jackets and cagoules, with preppy shirting and mod knitwear. 

In the past, if men of a certain sensibility wanted some stylish basics they'd have to dig through the "dad-wear" at Marks and Spencer until they found something decent like a lambswool crew-neck or Blue Harbour polo shirt.  Uniqlo makes that unnecessary with racks and racks of clobber that define what modern, casual menswear should look like.

Here's our pick of the new season. Don't live near a shop? See the collection here.

Uniqlo: Umbrella's picks for Spring 13 Comments

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