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Umbrella Issue 10 Out Now


The new issue of Umbrella is out now. From the best of the spring's coats to the ultimate British brogue, there's everything the modern man (and woman) could desire. Umbrella can be read on iPhone, iPad, Android or desktop computer. Just click on the link below. Read more

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Why cities are good for you: Interview with Leo Hollis


This article appeared in Issue Nine of Umbrella This magazine makes no secret of its devotion to the concept of the city. Elliott Lewis-George sits down with writer and historian, Leo Hollis, author of Cities Are Good for You: The Genius of The Metropolis, to try and understand why we love th... Read more

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The Loake Royal: the best brogue in the world?


Skinhead fashion will always be associated with certain items of clothing: the Crombie coat, sta-prest trousers, Ben Sherman (or Brutus) button-down shirts and Doctor Marten’s boots. There’s no argument that this anything but a timeless look, but certainly as far as this magazine conc... Read more

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Universal Works: 'Workshop Denim' range launches – and it's a winner


Everything that needs to be said about Japanese and/or American denim has already been said a thousand times on a thousand menswear blogs by serious men wearing serious cardigans. So, we're not going to get all reverential about British brand Universal Works' new Workshop Denim collection... Read more

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Why King's Cross is the most exciting area of London


It is one of London’s best known neighbourhoods, yet one that many would struggle to identify. An area that was once a byword for everything that terrifies the casual visitor to the capital – drugs, prostitution, crime, <otherness> – and yet also the place of arr... Read more